With the successful launch of the Nintendo Switch, lots of people are weighing in on their thoughts for the new handheld-hybrid. Xbox head Phil Spencer recently spoke with IGN UK about the new system and he had plenty of great things to say about it. That should come as no surprise to anyone here, since Spencer frequently praised the Wii U.

In the most recent episode of IGN’s podcast, Spencer confirmed that he loves the hardware design of the Nintendo Switch and that “anytime Nintendo brings a new product to the gaming market it’s good for all of us.”

Spencer was also asked whether or not Microsoft would be throwing its hat into the ring with a handheld device, since Nintendo and Sony have both been the only two gaming companies to dip their toes into the handheld pool. Some people hope that the idea of a console-handheld hybrid like the Nintendo Switch would convince Microsoft the idea is feasible.

Spencer dodged the question but noted that his company is always watching the market to see what happens, but they feel as though mobile phones dominate the mobile market.

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