Plex is getting voice-activated. The popular media player software maker just launched voice control through a new Plex Skill for Alexa-powered devices. That means you can ask Alexa via your connected Echo speaker, Fire tablet or Fire TV to play your favorite content from your Plex media library, without having to use a remote control.

For example, you could say, “Alexa, ask Plex to play ‘The Big Lebowski,’” or ask her “What’s on Deck,” or even have Alexa recommend something to watch, through the new voice feature. The Skill can also be used to play music from your media collection, if you use Plex to organize more than just your videos.

This is the company’s first step into home automation, and, as of launch, there are still a few limitations. For starters, it can’t actually play your music directly on an Amazon Echo speaker, Amazon Tap, or Echo Dot yet – but the company says it’s hoping to make that possible in the future.


It also doesn’t support playback of media from some Plex devices, including LG Smart TVs, Xbox 360 and Xbox One players, but that’s expected to change in time. Plex Cloud is not supported either, nor is voice control of the “Photos,” “Other Video,” and “Watch Later” sections in the Plex media player software.

Finally, you can’t use Alexa voice commands to navigate through the software menu by saying things like “up” or “down,” nor can you control video playback with actions like “skip forward” or “skip back.” (Just play and pause.)

Using Alexa with Plex is not as simple as adding support for something like Spotify or Pandora, which can be switched on via the Alexa mobile app with ease. Instead, it requires users to enable Remote Access for their media server in the software’s settings. (Settings > Server > Remote Access in Plex Web App.)

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