Spoilers for Prey’s first hour follow below.

Prepare to love Prey. While this game is technically in the same franchise as a weird FPS about Native Americans and aliens from 2006, the two share minimal similarities. Try to think of this as Dishonored 2 in space, with a handful of BioShock’s smarts thrown in for good measure. Interested? You really should be. Recently several members of the GR+ team were invited to play the opening hour of Prey. Even in this relatively straightforward slice of the game, the options available (different play styles, alternative puzzle solutions, a wealth of things to see and do) are impressive. Way too much for a single person to sample. So, we’ve decided to split this feature into two – the impressions of Lucas Sullivan and Andy Hartup. We both played the same version of the game, and hit the same narrative beats, but the stuff we did in between is… very different. Here’s what happened.

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