Who ate all the Pis?

We love the Raspberry Pi, but being faced with a computer’s guts can be intimidating. And even if you’ve grand designs on turning a Pi into a tablet, a lack of time and a bewildering array of available components may instead make you opt to shove the thing in a drawer.

SunFounder has an answer in the shape of RasPad (from $US129). This all-in-one unit essentially has you plug in a Pi, at which point you have a fully working touchscreen tablet, perfect for hacking and making. The wedge-shaped design may not be as svelte as Jony Ive’s finest, and the 1280×800 pixel 10.1-inch touchscreen isn’t Retina, but then your iPad doesn’t have USB ports, HDMI out, and the ability to switch between operating systems either.

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