The Wall Street Journal has a pretty solid track record when it comes to posting rumors about Nintendo. Mainly because they don’t just post any rumor, and because they’re a major newspaper with editorial guidelines, unlike the hacks here on Wii U Daily.

The Wall Street Journal’s senior technology reporter Takashi Mochizuki out of Tokyo Japan reports that Nintendo is planning to unveil the NX console this week.

There is some concrete evidence to back this up: Nintendo has an investors meeting just after this week, on October 26th, where they are likely to discuss the NX and their plans for the console with investors (if it’s announced).

As usual, this is still a rumor and we’ll have to wait and see. Many assumed Nintendo would unveil the NX last month, which didn’t happen.

We’re a bit more optimistic about Wall Street Journal, though. Their last Nintendo rumor was spot on, when they said that Nintendo would cease production of the Wii U this year.

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