Walk up to the cheese counter at DeLaurenti Food & Wine in Seattle and you’ll find offerings from the worldwide luminaries of cheese: l’Amuse from Holland, Guffanti from Italy, Neal’s Yard Dairy from the United Kingdom, and Hervé Mons from France, all there in cold cases, like jewels in a museum. It’s awe-inspiring. Leave the store with a few of those beauties, which average more than $30 a pound, and you’ll want to cosset them until it’s time for the cheese course, then display them like works of art.

I arrived at the store with a glass and bamboo box designed to extend the life of these fine cheeses by creating the perfect storage conditions. Riding the train, I could feel people glancing at it, perhaps wondering if I was carrying a hamster. In DeLaurenti’s, however, the box was received like the cheese world’s equivalent of an unreleased iPhone.

Cheese Grotto



A beautiful way to display your most precious cheeses.


At $350, it’s expensive. Two rounds of testing suggest your cheeses would fare just as well with deli wrap.