This gem of a tool came in very handy recently when trying to clone an OS from a dynamic disc. None of the usual free tools I use (Easus, usually), could handle the dynamic format, while OS boot partitions also created insurmountable issues. Research led me to Minitools, and with the Professional Edition the job was done effortlessly.

The control Minitools gives over your drives is complete, and this is one app that’s staying installed. Changing from dynamic to basic took just a minute and was executed safely, where doing this manually is a major chore and relatively high risk.

Minitools also opened the way to simply extending a partition on one drive, and merging two partitions on another. Again, all doable manually but of all similar tools I’ve used over the years only Minitools offered the most comprehensive set of functions for disk management, presented in a way that gives you total control. Highly recommended.

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