It hasn’t always been easy to love the Apple watchOS.

Take the Glances feature: a really good idea, on the face of it. Swipe up from the bottom of the watch face, and there’s a mini-panel view of the key info in one of your apps. Quick, simple. Only… somehow it became an infuriating world of loading screens (that never stopped loading), strange error messages and interfaces that needed studying more than they needed glancing.

Then there was the Time Travel feature. Again, a cracking idea – turn back the dial on your Apple Watch and in a manner that would make HP Lovecraft proud, you’re transported back through your calendar and appointments. But (and say this in a whisper) who ever does that? No-one, it seems.

And then there was the contacts view, accessible by tapping that little button on the side of your watch. Again, a great theory that almost no-one used in practice (unless you had really tiny fingers and the eyes of a hawk. So a tiny-fingered hawk, in other words).

But the cavalry is coming, in the guise of Apple watchOS 3. No, it’s not a revolution. But it is a really worthwhile evolution – or at least, that’s the promise.

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