When smartwatches were first teased, companies like Google promised they would unplaster our faces from our ever-present smartphone screens and wisp us into a new age where we could remain connected without feeling addicted. It didn’t happen. They’re good for fitness tracking and feeding smartphone notifications to our wrists, but smartwatches remain more of a computing side dish than a main course. But as side dishes go, the 2017 Samsung Gear Sport comes with all the trimmings.

Unlike Samsung’s macho-big Gear S3, its smaller, cheaper sibling will fit a range of wrists. Even modest watches can overwhelm my slender forearms, but the 1.2-inch circular AMOLED screen, stainless steel body help keep the package compact. At 45mm top-to-bottom, it’s slightly wider than the biggest Apple Watch.

Samsung’s stock silicone sport band had a lingering rubbery smell that didn’t wear off quickly enough, but was fine by day two. Any standard watch strap is compatible, so you can swap it if desired. The Sport won’t win points for its low-key design, but it doesn’t irritate my skin and I don’t feel self-conscious when I wear it. For a smartwatch, that’s a win.