“Get more done, wherever you are” is the mantra for the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S4.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 has arrived, and much earlier than expected. Samsung unveiled the brand new tablet on its websitetoday, releasing an Official Introduction video on YouTube.  

The Galaxy Tab S4 was expected to launch at Samsung’s hotly awaited Unpacked event on 9 August, although we’re very gratified to see its arrival this soon. 

Read on for everything there is to know about Samsung’s latest tablet, the Galaxy Tab S4. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 release date and price: When is it out?

The Galaxy Tab S4 is here – earlier than we thought. The tablet debuted on Samsung’s website on 1 August – eight days before the 9 August arrival date we’d anticipated (at Samsung’s Unpacked event). 

Price-wise, we’re looking at a marginal step up from the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. It’s not the cheapest, but for a top-of-the-range Android tablet with a coveted four-star rating, it’s understandable (and justifiable).

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 design: What does it look like?

As the video shows, the Tab S4 doesn’t deviate too far from its predecessor’s sleek, curved-edge black exterior, although it does have substantially trimmed down bezels. 

Its introductory video stresses the Tab S4’s slim, light design “which can fit into some pretty small bags, so you can still travel light and get things done”, a feat in keeping with the product’s mantra of “Get more done, wherever you are.” 

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Tab S4 comes equipped with an all-new S-Pen. Its predecessor, the Galaxy Tab S3 debuted with a matte black S Pen featuring a small clip on the side – making it resemble conventional pens à la the Bic biro. Meanwhile, Evan Blass’s previous leak has been confirmed; the Tab S4 comes equipped with newer, sleeker S Pen, which has seen the clip culled and the shell made glossy. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 features and specs: What can it do?

Samsung has increased the pixel density on the Galaxy Tab S4’s screen, giving it a crisp, powerful display. How does this translate in numbers? The Tab S4 has a 10.5in, 287 PPI, Super AMOLED display, making for some excellent visuals. 

But the Tab S4 isn’t just bolstering visuals; there’s four powerful speakers tuned by AKG. When you factor in the Dolby Atmos surround sound of the Tab S4, the audio on Samsung’s latest tablet sounds pretty remarkable. 

There’s also a Daily Board, which collates all the essential information you need to know, such as date, time and weather, along with you favourite photos. 

The standout quality of the Galaxy Tab S4 appears to be how it faciliates productivity. Jonathan Wong, Samsung’s Director of Product Marketing, testifies to its functionality: “Where the Tab S4 really sets itself apart is when it’s time to get things done.”

As such, Samsung has introduced an accompanying Book Cover Keyboard (sold separately) which frees users up to type as though they’re using a laptop. It’s also equipped with Samsung DeX – for the first time ever on a Samsung tablet – meaning users can enjoy a “PC-like experience”. You can even connect a Bluetooth mouse, and move around brower windows with ease – we’re talking multiple, resizable windows. 

Storage for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 starts at 64GB, going up to 256GB. Meanwhile, it supports expandable microSD up to 400 GB. 

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