The Samsung UBD-M9500 is the company’s second such disc-served pixel muncher, after last year’s K8500.

But do you even need a player in the age of Netflix?

Think about that point in a cinema trip when the lights go down and the screen widens from its humdrum advert-o-aspect to full photon blaster mode. There’s a frisson. Some people might clap or cheer, or even put down their phone. Movies deserve that kind of emotional intro, and you don’t get it from absent-mindedly clicking on a ‘Watch Now’ button. No matter how excitedly the up/down lights on your router flash.

But what the M9500 also delivers is private cinema mode. It’ll stream the audio to a pair of Bluetooth headphones, so you can movie while others around you are glued to their devices, exercising their narcissism and consumerism. 

It has other features, too, including decoders for HDR and Dolby Atmos (sounds awesome), the ability to auto-correct the picture settings on your Samsung TV (sounds annoying) and the ability to up-scale audio to 32-bit (sounds unpossible). 

Of course, the main thing is going to be the price, both against its big 4K disc rivals – the excellent Panasonic UB900 and the Xbox One S – and against streamy services such as Netflix and Amazon. And so we can reveal… drum roll… Samsung hasn’t spoken the price yet, nor the release date. There’s drama for you, right there.

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