Over the last seven days, the internet has been full of unwelcome nostalgia: Here’s some nuclear brinksmanship! Here’s Puerto Rico, decimated by a natural disaster! Here’s the Senate, planning to vote on yet another healthcare plan to repeal Obamacare! But it’s not all been familiar badness; there’s been some new ill-feeling torment, as well. Just look below, if you don’t believe us. What’s that? You were hoping for good stuff? Um, well, we have some elf-based rhymes, if you can hold on long enough? This, friends, is what has become of the world wide web during the last week.

Sean Spicer’s Public Image Rehabilitation Tour

What Happened: Everyone loves a good redemption story. A bad one involving a former White House press secretary, however? That’s another matter altogether.

What Really Happened: Ah, the Emmy Awards telecast. It’s the annual celebration of everything good in television. This year’s ceremony, which took place last Sunday, ended up being more than just another big Hollywood party. According to media watchers, the show was exceptionally political, with winners and host Stephen Colbert taking shots at the current administration and not standing up for this crap. Well, apart from this, of course.

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