Sony is reviving the 90s robot dog with some cool and some slightly terrifying updated features.

I dogged my parents for a puppy when I was a kid until they gave in and gifted me one for Christmas. Well, a robot one at least. It was Sony’s Aibo. The little robot dog received my undying love, right up until the point at which he ran away. I have a sneaky suspicion that he ended up in the bin, though.

Thankfully, it looks like I can get myself a new one – although I’m not sure my real dog would be too thrilled. Sony has just announced that they will be bringing the Aibo back and giving the retro robodog a new and refreshed update that will have its tail wagging into the 21st century.

The revived artificially intelligent dog can interact and learn with its surroundings as well as its owner. Able to develop its own personality, Aibo will be kitted with new sensing and movement technologies, as well as highly advanced AI that’s supported by cloud computing. The robo-dog can detect smiles and run towards its owner, learning command words and remembering its owner’s favourite tricks.

There is a creepier aspect to the dog though, as unlike the first generation, it can take pictures and record everything that it experiences, creating a database of memories for its owner to flick back through using the My Aibo app. Y’know, just like a real dog doesn’t. As well as looking at photos, the app lets you download tricks and gives you access to the settings.

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