The first thing I do in South Park: The Fractured But Whole is take a shit. It very much sets the tone for what’s to follow in this opening three hours of the game, which features self-flagellating paedophile priests, suicide bomber children, and homophobic rednecks. In case you haven’t figured by now, this game is not for the easily offended. In fact, I’m willing to guess that even the most stoic and laid back players will discover something that truly shocks or reviles them in the Fractured But Whole’s lengthy runtime.

The shit itself is a bizarre mini-game that involves a load of thumbstick twiddling and a well timed button press to pinch off. You start The Fractured But Whole playing as the King of Koopa Kingdom, with characters picking up – pretty much – where they left off from the end of Stick of Truth. Essentially, you play a glorified tutorial, getting to grips with the new grid-based combat system, before Cartman shows up in a super hero costume (from the future, in his imagination) and demands that everyone joins his superhero franchise to ‘save South Park’, ‘defeat a rival supervillain team’ and ‘rescue some cats for money’. It’s gloriously fanciful, but remains a very biting satire on modern entertainment culture and American politics.

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