Spotify has loads of subscribers and even more unpaid members riding the ad-supported free option, but Apple Music probably looked plenty appealing to parents with a handful of tech-connected kids.

Whereas Spotify’s family pricing discounted family memberships by 50%, allowing you to add extra users to a premium account for a per-person.

Google Play Music eventually matched Apple’s tune, and now Spotify is doing exactly the same thing. Starting today, Spotify Premium account holders can add up to five additional users (so, six in total) for the fixed monthly fee of US$15, with no additional fee per person.

You’ll get one bill for everyone, but each person gets an individual login – so you don’t need to worry about messing up your playlists, lest Raffi end up on your speed metal mix. Spotify says the offer is rolling out globally, although curiously, that doesn’t include Canada for now. Sorry, Canada.

Earlier this month, Apple was the one playing catch-up on subscription pricing: Apple Music offered up a 50% discount for students enrolled in a college or university in several countries, which is something Spotify has been doing for some time.

Even before the family pricing change, Spotify ruled our recently updated streaming music service review roundup – so now with a big price drop and a user bump, the streaming giant seems even sweeter.

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