Independent Aussie gaming site and close friend of Hyper’s podcast, Player 2, has announced that it will be hosting its first 24-hour gaming marathon, beginning September 10th. Starting from ten in the morning, anyone will be able to tune in to see when, exactly, even coffee isn’t powerful enough. The press-release says something about all of the writers being excited or something, so clearly the guys involved don’t know exactly what they’ve signed up for at this point.

They’re suffering for a good cause, however. The event is aiming for to raise a modest sum of $2000 for the Starlight Foundation — a charity established in 1982 with the goal of improving hospital life for kids and chronically ill teens — over the course of the event. 

Or! Maybe they plan to cheat and work in shifts, with writers and fans expected to drop in (either in person or online) over the course of the night. Featured games are expected to include Mario Kart, Rock Band, Street Fighter V and NBA Jam with the inclusion of Overwatch and Diablo for any out-of-towners who wish to join in for a few moments.

It honestly sounds like fun. And it’s backed by a legitimately worthy cause. We’d be stoked to see them hit or even surpass their target. If that doesn’t grab you then, well, Player 2 will be hosting giveaways of various pieces of swag, to say nothing of PS4 and Xbox One games such as Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Dirt Rally, Street Fighter V and Just Cause 3.

Should you be interested in joining in with the proceedings, then just jump over to the Facebook event. Donations can be made here.


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