When Super Mario Run launches in a few days, it will require an always-on Internet connection due to piracy concerns.

This comes from Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto, who said that they game will be released in 150 countries at the same time and that the company won’t have control over those devices (they’re not Nintendo consoles).

Miyamoto told Mashable that “For us, we view our software as being a very important asset for us” adding that the always-on Internet connection also gives gamers a “secure software in a stable environment”.

After Miyamoto admitted the always-on requirement was due to piracy concerns, Nintendo PR quickly went into damage control, releasing multiple statements on how an always-on Internet connection will be a benefit for gamers.

Here’s what Nintendo PR had to say about the always-on requirement:

“Online connectivity allows us to offer a variety of features and services that enhance the play experience. Super Mario Run is not a static experience, but rather one that players can continue to return to again and again to enjoy something new and unexpected”

There’s no way around this issue: always-on Internet requirement has been detrimental to games regardless of platform and has been criticized by gamers ever since it was first introduced on the PC.

Super Mario Run is a $10 mobile game that doesn’t work unless you’re connected to the Internet. So if you’re in an area and there’s no signal (or just bad reception), you won’t be able to play it. You know, like on the subway.

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