The weekend is finally here, so it’s time to grab a few precious moments of free time and fire up your favourite Nintendo console for a little R&R. This week, Team Nintendo Life are playing action-RPGs, cutesy detective sims, virtual pinball tables, retro shmups, horror romps and, of course, Splatoon 2. As always, feel free to leave a vote in the poll and a comment below sharing your gaming choices this weekend. Have a good one!

Steve Bowling, US editor

I was initially quite excited to play one of my favourite Japan-only games, Phantasy Star Online 2 on my Switch this weekend, but it just isn’t all that great. Instead, I’m going to finish up my import copy of Hyrule Warriors DX, then show my 3DS a little love with Detective Pikachu. If that isn’t enough to carry me through the weekend, I’ll likely pick up Mercenary Kings and try that out on the Switch. I loved it on other platforms, but it always felt like it’d be better as a portable title. Now if only Pocket Rumble and Street Fighter would release already…

Alex Olney, video producer

I’m off to IKEA at the weekend and I’m driving, so I won’t have any time to play at all tomorrow. When Sunday rolls around though you can bet your sweet collective bottoms I’m going to be playing some more ARMS. Don’t know what it is but recently that game’s suckered me right back in, and I’m loving every second of it. I need to improve my Helix play but I’m getting there.

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