For the most part, E3 press-conferences are crowd pleasing carnivals of great spectacle and grandeur, packed with memorable moments designed to surprise and entertain with the production value of a broadway show. They are also, however, public events streamed live to every corner of the globe; a feat of technical and presentational talent that requires an immense amount of preparation. These challenges leave every E3 press conference vulnerable to a black hole of potential PR embarrassments and technical hiccups, some of which play out in excruciating circumstances. We can always expect goofs during E3 press conferences, to some degree, and most audience members have the decency to shrug them off. But there are also those times when a million-dollar presser turns into a three-ring circus of awkwardness. It’s these moments that will stay with us, long after the upcoming releases being presented have come and gone. Prepare yourself, for you’re about to re-acquaint with the most wince-worthy moments of E3 past.

Battlefield 4 On Mute (Microsoft, E3 2013)

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