When the 3DS launched, people were curious about what 3D brings to the gaming table (and they still might be wondering today). If there are arguments to be made for the merits of 3D games, then Face Raiders should be at the forefront of it. Included on the system software at launch, Face Raiders takes a simple concept (first-person shooter) and puts a fresh twist on it with its augmented reality capabilities.

Players can take photos of themselves, their cat, spouse, or whatever, and then watch as it transforms into a little flying, helmet-wearing orb. These enemies zip around whatever setting you happen to be in. If youre in the bathroom, theyll fly out at you from around the toilet, cackling as they try to attack you–sometimes with a kiss. Its simple, but it uses the handhelds camera, gyroscope, and 3D features in a nice little package perfect for showing off what the 3DS is capable of.

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