For some, games are a deeply personal, very private thing. For many, though, they’re something to be shared, talked about, and played with others. Sorry lone-wolves, but this feature isn’t for you. This is all about the games you can play with friends (or just total strangers), where you team up to tackle specific goals or just blast waves and waves of AI baddos.

Doesn’t matter if your buddies are on the same sofa, or half-way across the world – as long as you play cooperatively, rather than against each other. Also, this list focuses on the games you can play right now, on your various consoles, so don’t expect to see older, tougher to find titles here or co-op blasts from your past.

Many of these titles feature in both our best PS4 games article, and our best Xbox One games article, so be sure to check them out too.

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