Capcom and Marvel have created some very popular games together, including some titles that have sustained popularity for years and years in the fighting game community. The two companies teamed together so many times that we dont fault some players for missing out on Capcoms earliest titles featuring Spider-Man. But even if the more current entries give you a better experience, theres still fun to be had in these two early Capcom fighters starring the Webhead, both of which appear in the downloadable Marvel vs. Capcom Origins.

Origins brings together Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes into one XBLA/PSN title, showcasing a Spider-Man sprite design that hasnt aged a day. His poses, attacks, and taunts all fit the agile, red and blue character, plus Spider-Man best frenemy, Venom, gets to join in on the action. Yes, some of its combat is a tad outdated and unbalanced compared to its sequels, but its still a fun part of Spidey history, particularly for those with a good deal of nostalgia for the original Capcom brawlers.

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