This, dear reader, is a tale of two ‘jammers. Our story begins in 1994, when Data East released Windjammers on the Neo Geo arcade system to little fanfare. Imagine Pong, but instead of boring white paddles, you control totally radical athletes from around the world who fling a pixelated frisbee back and forth at inhuman speeds, attempting to slam the disc into the point-scoring barricade behind their opponent. In the many years since its debut, Windjammers has gone from a largely unknown versus game to a cult classic of arcade sports, a one-on-one sport that lets players bask in tubular ’90s vibes, tight gameplay, and superpowered special shots that are guaranteed crowd pleasers.

Flash-forward to present day, as we enter the renaissance of virtual disc-hurling tournaments. Announced at PlayStation Experience 2016, Windjammers is making an official comeback on PS4, complete with online play – but it’s not the only frisbee game in town. A new challenger / friendly rival has appeared in the form of Disc Jam, a 3D-rendered homage to the Windjammers formula that delivers the same degree of exhilarating competition, with the same immeasurable potential for intense volleys and shouting-at-the-screen excitement. Our own Dave Roberts and Lucas Sullivan played and adored both Windjammers and Disc Jam at PSX, and they’ve each chosen to champion their go-to ‘jamming game below – but with both of these fantastical sports set to be released in 2017, we’re all winners.


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