Which side is he on? Assassin

Our final addition to Abstergo’s inmates is just as much of a games tease as Emir. Brit actor Callum Turner, shown above and centre in the excellent twisted Green Room alongside Patrick Stewart, plays a man named Nathan. Another prisoner with no Assassin name on the cast list, this is probably for very good reason. Turner says that Nathan doesn’t trust Fassbender’s Callum. “I think we’re all aware of who he is and what he means,” says Turner. “I’m the one who warns him not to mess it up. We can see that if he goes to the Templars, we’re in trouble. The others are a little warmer to him but I see him as a fanatic.” 

There are hints that Nathan’s distrust comes from his own genetic regressions in the Animus. There has only been one main Assassin who has turned to the ways of the Templars in the games and that’s Shay Cormac from the watery Assassin’s Creed Rogue. “It’s a fascinating decision to make; to be so convinced and unwavering in your belief, and then have one little thing change your mind and put you on the other side,” teases Turner. I’m going to take that as a confirmation. While a flashback to Shay won’t really show off much, it’s another sneaky nod to fans that we’re not as far from the franchise as we might first appear.   

Image credit: Broad Green Pictures

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