Though many have tried, none have yet succeeded in toppling the king. World of Warcraft continues to succeed in large part because Blizzard is never content to rest on their (cash padded) laurels. New features are constantly being introduced to the world’s largest MMO, and with the practically unlimited funding that millions upon millions of subscribers provide, it’s difficult for even the scrappiest competitor to keep pace. 

Farming (of the agricultural rather than loot variety, though the latter is certainly present as well), match three puzzle games, pet battles, a Plants vs. Zombies mini-game, and an unbelievable wealth of other content in iterative patches and full blown expansions continues to ensure WoWs place at the top of the heap. Every time subscription numbers start to slip, a new expansion, fully laden with new delights, shuffles onto stage and sucks all of the addicts back into WoWs orbit. Legion perpetuated this trend earlier this year, with its massive new areas, class specific quest lines, and brilliant evolution of daily quests, the world quests system. Until something both revolutionary and remarkably polished steps in to siphon off some of those diehards, the end of WoW’s reign is nowhere in sight. 

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