The Xbox One X is here and with it a whole new world of Xbox One X Enhanced games. But what are the best games to buy? Which should you choose for all that 4K, HDR and better trees.

Let us guide with you, with the best Xbox One X Enhanced games you can currently buy. Unless of course you already have any of these, then it’s just a case of making sure you update it to enjoy the X-ness. 

Rise of the Tomb Raider


  • 4K
  • HDR
  • Improved anti-aliasing
  • Higer frame rates
  • Enhanced geometry
  • Improved reflection, foliage and shadows 
  • New volumetric lighting 
  • Higher texture filtering

What is it: The sequel to Lara’s latest reboot gets an impressive upgrade for Xbox One X.

Why it’s good as an Enhanced game: As you can see from that list, Crystal Dynamics has gone to town on improvements and created one of the best looking Enhanced games out there. 

What we said: “While Rise of the Tomb Raider is a comparatively safe sequel in that it changes very little of an existing, winning formula, this is an adventure game that takes full advantage of new-gen technology… and it’s magnificent. Intelligent, beautiful, varied and huge, this is a very classy video game, and one that’s surprisingly malleable. Just watch out for all the stuff on the floor.” 

Assassin’s Creed Origins


  • 4K
  • HDR
  • Improved draw distances (up to double compared to Xbox One S). 
  • Improved geometry.
  • Faster loading and transitions. 

What is it: An all new Assassin’s Creed back after a break and a big rethink with improved combat, new RPG systems and pyramids. 

Why it’s good as an Enhanced game: It’s another big open world game to really show off how sharp things can look close up and at a distance. It’s also full of enemies, wildlife and bustling cities full of detail.

What we said: “Assassin’s Creed Origins might celebrate a whole decade of the franchise but a year off for the series means that this leap of faith into the Animus might just be the spinning 360° pinnacle of the series so far. You’re no stranger to sneaking around with your hood up, but the Creed has never felt anything like this.” 

Dishonored 2


  • Up to 4K with dynamic resolution
  • Improved framerate stability
  • 4K textures
  • Improved geometry
  • Improved draw distances
  • Improved anti-aliasing
  • Improved shadow quality

What is it: The second game in Bethesda’s tale of magical, sword swinging assassination and stealth.  

Why it’s good as an Enhanced game: Dishonored is known for its distinctive and beautiful art style creating incredible 18th century cities to creep and murder your way through.

What we said: “Dishonored 2is a fantastic game in its own right, even if it doesn’t revolutionise the fresh ideas put forth by its predecessor. This tale of systematic revenge imbues you with all the tools, tricks, and tactics you need to feel like a super-powered assassin, delivering an immersive power trip no matter how you choose to play.” 

Forza Motorsport 7


  • 4K
  • HDR
  • High-resolution assets
  • Improved lighting and shadows resolution

What is it: Microsoft’s premier racer, with the ‘Motorsport’ brand focusing on pure track racing.  

Why it’s good as an Enhanced game: This is one of Microsoft’s biggest first party games and one they’ve been pushing as an Enhanced showpiece.  

What we said: “Forza Motorsport 7 has now firmly set the bar by which all other racing games will be judged. As well as creating a graphical showcase for not just the forthcoming Xbox One X but the standard Xbox One itself, Turn 10 Studios has also produced a game that rights the few wrongs of the last game and truly focuses on the player experience. The result is supreme.” 

Gear of War 4


  • Up to 4K with adaptive resolution scaling
  • 60fps
  • HDR
  • Ultra quality textures
  • Enhanced character textures
  • Enhanced lighting and reflections
  • Dynamic shadows
  • Increased draw distances

What is it: That shooter with the funny run and the chainsaw gun.  

Why it’s good as an Enhanced game: Another Microsoft exclusive that will have been tuned to within an inch of it’s life to show off the Xbox One X. While the explosions and shooter chaos will look great in 4K, it’s the HDR that makes the real difference here.  

What we said: “Gears of War 4 is a focused, confident exercise in how to relaunch a franchise. As effective as a direct sequel as it is a soft-reboot, it’s a game crafted of thought, wisdom, and objective calculation blended with a real passion for finding the fun. It may err slightly on the safe side in its campaign, but it does so understandably, in order to strip the series back to what matters, and re-evolve it with a carefully considered outlook.” 

Middle-earth: Shadow of War


  • Targets 4K with dynamic resolution scaling
  • HDR
  • Increased texture detail 
  • Increased draw distances
  • Improved shadow and lighting detail
  • Increased vegetation
  • Improved ambient occlusion 
  • Higher polygon counts and level of detail
  • Texture filtering improvements 

What is it: A huge open world RPG set in Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings universe. 

Why it’s good as an Enhanced game: It’s huge, so great for seeing just how far the world stretches off in the distance. It’s also full of enemies, details and vegetation to show off the improved resolution in 4K. 

What we said: “[Middle-earth: Shadow of War]  is big spectacle and richly layered experience. The different regions are beautiful and varied to explore, while Sauron’s forces are alway entertaining to meet and beat. If there are moments that don’t quite click or things that fatigue a little it’s because of that scale. There’s almost an Assassin’s Creed 2 feel of map spatter to all the markers for towers, collectables, bits and so on. I’ve not 100%-ed it but you’re easily looking at a triple figure time should you try. This isn’t a game to get in for the weekend, it’s something to buy and cancel plans for the year.” 

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