What is it?

An FPS style farm sim where you raise slimes for profit via care, captivity and ruthless cullings. Also, you sell the poop for money.

Play it if you like…

A more direct style of management sim thanks to its first-person presentation, and making money by any means. 

  • Format: PC / Xbox One
  • Price: $19.99 / £14.99
  • Release date: Out now

Yes, I know it looks cute. Like sugar injected into your teeth levels of saccharin overkill. But don’t dismiss this yet – behind those slimes’ cute, loving eyes is a game of dark, murderous capitalism that will make you a monster. A despicable, money driven profiteer ready to incinerate a pen full of harmless adorable creatures the second they stop earning their keep. 

How can such a sweet looking game do such a thing? You’re a good person. You’d never stoop so low. Let’s look at how it works: you start off on an empty farm, in a cowboy-esque frontier. All you have are a number of plots to fill with cages, vegetable patches and other agricultural style stuff, and a kind of hoover gun. Using that, you strike out into the plains and suck up slimes to start your business.

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