You wake up in a generic, sterile utility room; the kind you’d find in any bland, corporate R&D building. Ahead of you are a series of lockers, cabinets and some tables. Closer to you are a few signs with strange symbols on them, and to their right is a fairly conspicuous poster of a pyramid and the moon. To your left, a scientist, his face blurred out to keep his identity confidential. He’s taking notes, egging you on to proceed. You look down; there is a box covered in arcane symbols and gizmos strapped to your hands. There is no way out of this room, no way to even move save for shifting the box around with your wrists. The only way forward is to solve its puzzles and hope it provides a way out.

This is Statik Institute of Retention, a puzzle game for PlayStation VR by Tarsier Studios, the team behind the upcoming Little Nightmares. It began as a side-project for the studio, eventually blossoming into a full-fledged title with a handful of challenges to overcome, each one featuring the same conceit: You have a box attached to your fists – effectively a miniature escape room – and you have to use the box and your surroundings to figure out how to solve it.

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