The hit show, based off a book, which was based on a roleplaying game… has come full circle.

Whether you’re an Earther, Belter, or Martian, we can all agree on one thing – the TV show The Expanse is one of the best pieces of science fiction to hit television in a long time. And now you can live out your own adventures thanks to Green Ronin Publishing’s The Expanse RPG.

The game was launched on Kickstarter overnight and has not only already hit its goal, but has gone far beyond. Green Ronin wanted $US30,000 to publish the game, and nailed that in the first hour. So far the campaign’s earned nearly $US110,000, which means stretch goals – expanded background sections, maps, and so on – are already being unlocked.

The game uses Green Ronins’ Adventure Game Engine system, which has already powered three of its titles, and is well regarded by roleplayers. The system’s been customised to match The Expanse’s futuristic sci-fi setting, though, with rules for spaceships and ship combat, how make use of the long travel times between solar locations, and a new luck-based health system.

No wonder Amos always gets shot – the guy’s just unlucky!

The available pledges range from PDF copies of the main book and GM’s kit, all the way up to a very handsome Special Edition in hardback. Sadly, the limited run of 100 bookplates signed by series authors Ty Franck and Daniel Abrahams has run out.

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