Do you remember those photo booths in the rundown bowling alley near the multiplex cinema? The ones that spat out pictures of you like you were an artwork – sketched like da Vinci or van Gogh? Prisma is a bit like that, except you don’t have to spend £5 or step on month-old popcorn.

Spotted by The Next Web, the photo app has a range of weird filters – with names like “Running in the storm”, “Light summer reading” and – somewhat worryingly – “Illegal beauty”.

The mechanics behind these filters are different than those on Instagram. The app actually scans the data of your pictures and, according to its creators, uses a “unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence” to edit the photos.

Whatever black magic Prisma is channeling, the results are a lot of fun. Take a picture of yourself and watch as it’s transformed into a woozy haze of colours or a piece of mock-German expressionism.

Prisma is currently available on iOS, and will be available on Android later in the month. 

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