Last night, Hollywood elite Meryl Streep won the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes and used her acceptance speech to tear apart the performance of reality TV elitist Donald Trump in the role of “Presidential Hopeful Who Mocks a Disabled Reporter.” Her pronouncement? Pitiful! But effective. “There was nothing good about it, but it did its job. It made its intended audience laugh, and show their teeth,” she said. Trump fired back this morning.

The Internet, asleep like a cat before a roaring fire, cocked back its ears. Wait, did it hear correctly? Was he going after Streep? Our Streep? What was he about to call her? Nine minutes later, Trump completed his thought:

This was a step too far. Call Washington insider Hillary Clinton a nasty woman? Sure. Attack a union organizer in Indiana? Fine! Go after car companies and foreign currencies and religious groups? That’s OK, too. But call the literal queen of the silver screen overrated? And tell her she misinterpreted his performance? Um no. If anyone knows from acting, it’s perennial Oscar front-runner Meryl Streep. The Internet had had enough. The cat jumped into action.

First, the pro-Streepers/anti-Trumpers launched the hashtag #thingstrumpthinksareoverrated. Like most joke hashtags, it set people up to make the same joke over and over again, which they happily did:

Predictably, pro-Trumpers/anti-Streepers swooped in to co-opt said hashtag, using it fight in Trump’s defense:

Things were getting funny! And exciting! But in this feud, the Internet could do better than a hashtag. Streep has won 19 Academy Awards and eight Golden Globes (hence the lifetime achievement nod) and acted in 79 films. You know what that means? There are also plenty of reaction GIFs!

In the Venn diagram of Trump supporters and Streep supporters, many people people seem to fall right smack dab in the middle. Some of them took to the president-elect’s favorite communication medium, Twitter, to tell Trump so. We love you, and we love Meryl Streep, but please, they beseeched, don’t make us choose!

Of course, even The Onion had some #thoughts.

But, despite its outrage, the Internet still had room to be self-congratulatory, too. Because if there’s one thing the Internet (apparently) loves more than Meryl Streep, it’s being right.

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