The potential of Apple’s TrueDepth camera is finally realised

The TrueDepth camera on the iPhone X may be handy for unlocking your screen or authorising payments, but there’s been a lack of nostril-based laser shooting on Apple’s facial-recognition system…until now.

Brad Dwyer’s Nose Zone leverages the newest iPhone’s 3D camera sensor for a simple targeting game. As the app description reads: “Nose Zone makes your face the controller. Destroy the targets by pointing at them with your nose!”

The game, which looks like a blend between Atari’s Missile Command and a neurological eye exam, claims to be “the most thrilling nose-controlled game ever”. Those are pretty high stakes. Let’s not forget Nose Goes, with its simple rules of “whoever puts their hand on their nose last, loses.”

It’s not exactly nose-controlled, but Gooey Louie is another nose-based classic. Can you pull snot from your nose with an iPhone X TrueDepth camera? Actually, I don’t want to know.

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