The Super Mario Mash-Up pack is making waves among Minecraft Wii U players as it offers a totally free update that transforms Minecraft into your own personal Mario sandbox. The game features several Mario-themed skins for both players and enemies, plenty of textures that resemble those in the Mario games, and an overall aesthetic that is so Nintendo approved you may have thought they approached Mojang and porting studio 4J about creating content for the game.

However, Nintendo’s Damon Baker has revealed that isn’t the case.

They actually came to us with what their vision was, and the extent of it, and blew us away. It still went through an official approval process through our art department at our head office in Japan, but it was really driven by them as the creative studios behind it.

So that great looking art is officially Nintendo-approved, but it didn’t come from the company directly. Interesting! What are your thoughts on the mash-up pack for Minecraft?

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