It may look simplistic in the face of more realistic racers like Gran Turismo, but the Mario Kart series holds a lot of depth for those that can look past its bright lights, jazzy soundtrack, and rage-inducing weaponry. Sure, the controls are basic, but if you’re not exploiting everything the game has to offer, you’re going to find yourself in last place if you try to race against other online players.

The power-slide turbo boost is perhaps the most reliable trick at your disposal. Unlike the copious items you’ll find strewn about one of Mario Kart’s courses, it’s one of the few moves you can pull off almost anywhere that doesn’t rely on sheer luck. Typically, you can build up a boost by simply power-sliding around a long curve or corner, but there’s a better way to game the system. If you tilt the control stick into and out of the turn while you slide, you’ll build up your boost power even faster, causing the smoke on your tires to turn into sparks. Exit the power-slide here, and you’ll get a nice burst of speed. The thing is, if you get good at it, you can do this multiple times in a turn, or even during a straightaway. Now you can be that jerk that never loses at your next friendly gathering!

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