Tapdo is a wearable fingerprint sensor that assigns tasks to not only your main finger pads, but to the other eight sections underneath. Connected by Bluetooth LE, pressing the sensor to – for example – the second section of your little finger might trigger an app function on your phone or, using the phone as a conduit, some greater smarthome-type activity.

Might? Well, we can’t help but harken back to when NFC was a thing. Remember, when we all had loads of plastic NFC tags attached to our keys? But we couldn’t remember what they did? Or the associations they were programmed with had changed?

It’s going to be a couple of weeks before Tapdo hits Kickstarter – from €99, BTW – so we’ve got time to develop the Unofficial Tapdo Temporary Tattoo kit. Have you got a Sharpie? Oh, and a scalpel?

This article originally appeared at Stuff.tv

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