‘Spring’ sale fever is in the air, and there’s a freebie in the mix.

While something of a tradition of PC gaming by this point, Steam sales really aren’t what they once were. The pricing has leveled out, there are no longer insane flash sales, and frankly we’re spoiled to the point where seeing games reduced to five bucks doesn’t impress like it used to.

But cheap PC games are still a good thing for consumers, so why not head on over to the Humble Store and check out the current Spring sale? Basically everything is delivered via Steam key anyway, and there are some pretty good deals going, such as the personal picks we’ve listed below.


Cuphead – 15% off

Wolfenstein 2 – 50% off

Dirt Rally – 80% off

Crypt of the Necrodancer – 75% off

Shadow Warrior 2 – 50% off

The Flame in the Flood – 100% off (get in on that one!)


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