Ubisoft has praised the Nintendo Switch time and again, and their praise continues after Ubisoft veteran Xavier Poix spoke about the Switch.

Poix, who has been in the gaming business for almost 20 years and seen lots of gaming consoles, said the Switch could unify the two main gaming audiences: the casual gamer and the hardcore gamer.

The ability to take the console with you on the go and play the same game as a mobile experience, then continue as a regular console experience is very enticing to him because it keeps “players in the world that the game makers have created”. In other words, gamers will play more.

“I think it’s a good match for our style. And I think yes, this is a good evolution because for the first time you have a console that is bringing two worlds together which is the mobile-handheld and the usual console experience.” he said.

He added that Ubisoft believes it’s Nintendo’s philosophy to “gather those two worlds” together.

Of course, a lot of that success will depend on the battery life of the Switch tablet.

Via Polygon

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