Although the Nintendo Switch is a handheld-console hybrid, it doesn’t look like there’s much preventing developers from making their games portable only. Such is the case with VOEZ, a Japanese rhythm game that won’t allow users to play in TV or Tabletop mode. This makes VOEZ the very first Nintendo Switch game to be playable exclusively in Handheld mode.

What this might mean for future games is anyone’s guess. Some developers may choose to focus on Handheld mode for rhythm games, or maybe we’ll see point-and-click games that do this as well. On the other hand, we might see a few games that are TV mode only.

While VOEZ is the first game to be a Handheld mode exclusive, it’s not the only Switch game to prevent usage in other modes. The back of party game 1-2-Switch shows that it can be played in TV and Tabletop mode only. No playing in Handheld mode for that game.

As we said earlier, it’ll be interesting to see how the initiated consumer responds to having to keep tabs on which games support which gameplay modes. Nintendo will have to make supported gameplay modes very clear before someone accidentally purchases something they wouldn’t want from the eShop in the future.

Even retailers who sell used games with unofficial boxes might have to rethink how their plans with certain Switch games, lest they receive a lot of disgruntled customers.

[via NeoGAF, Fly High Works]

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