You might be shocked to know that one of the most perfect work marriages in the gaming world – Stanley Parable designer William Pugh and Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland – is built on a foundation of lies. Sitting down to speak with them about the virtual reality mindfuck that is Accounting+ on PSVR, I learned the grisly details of the birth their relationship. 

“This is true,” says Roiland. “I was in a building, and I was going down in the elevator and a couple of guys were in there. They just looked like video game people. They got out and I saw that it was Respawn studios, and I’m like ‘Titanfall, holy shit!’ So I tweet out, ‘Does anybody work at Respawn? Because I’m in your building.’ So William sees it and he responds…”

“Yeah sure, follow me, I work at Respawn,” adds Pugh. 

Roiland mimes taking out his phone: “So I follow him, we start DMing; I’m like ‘Dude, I’m in your building.'” Pugh buries his face in his hands.

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