Might be you remember a time when Fallout wasn’t primarily played in first-person. While everyone’s abuzz about the multiplayer chaos of Fallout 76, you pine for the days of exploring the post-apocalypse and engaging in turn-based battles from the isometric perspective of the series’ first two games. You’re not alone, as evidenced by well-received spiritual successors like Wasteland 2 or Atom RPG. And a new challenger is gearing up for its own trip to the nostalgia vault: Encased, a fascinating adventure set under the ominous cover of the Dome, a technological frontier that forever traps anyone with the guts, ambition, or orders to venture inside. 

Encased is the first endeavor by Dark Crystal Games, a small studio hailing from Saint Petersburg, Russia that includes ex-Larian developers who worked on the widely acclaimed Divinity: Original Sin series. And it makes no qualms about its primary inspiration. “There is obvious influence from the Fallout games, and other CRPGs from the golden era,” says game director Viacheslav Kozikhin. “We’re not really hiding it… honestly, every Russian game developer, at some point, dreams to make Russian Fallout. A lot of people have tried, and few people succeeded – so hopefully we will be one of them.” Kozikhin also cites the impact of Roadside Picnic, the Strugatsky brothers novel that was the loose basis for the cult-hit S.T.A.L.K.E.R. survival shooters.

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