With Fortnite casually taking over the world with its free-to-play take on the Battle Royale genre, and inspiring a tonne of other games to do their own takes on the idea – we’re looking at you Black Ops 4, and potentially Fallout 76 too – there’s no wonder that everyone just wants more of Epic’s particular brand of fun. We’re already deep into Fortnite season 4, and so far it’s brought us the Fortnite rubber duckies, the bright blue shining things that are the Fortnite letters, and even trolleys… But with all that happening in just a few weeks of this season, there’s a whisper on the wind as to when is Fortnite season 5 starting, and what it’ll bring. 

When is Fortnite season 5 starting?

Well, there’s good news and bad news in that department. According to Epic’s own countdown, Fortnite season 4 will end on July 9, which is a Monday, and there’s usually around a week between seasons (although there were only like four days between season 3 and 4). That should mean that we’re looking at either a Fortnite season 5 start date of Thursday, July 12 or Tuesday, July 17, depending on which day Epic Games decides to put the reset day on next time around. We’ve had both Tuesday and Thursday for season 4, so it could feasibly be either day. Of course, it could well be that, like with season 2 and season 3, it could start the day afterwards, so that could see Fortnite season 5 starting on Tuesday, July 10.

What can we expect from Fortnite season 5?

Thanos dances like Snoop Dogg in Fortnite.

It’s a little early to know exactly what kind of theme Fortnite season 5 will have when it arrives in early July. Before season 4 started, Epic teased the superhero theme and the big meteor strike, although everyone thought it was Tilted Towers that would kick the bucket rather than Dusty Depot – now known as Dusty Divot.

While Epic hasn’t yet revealed anything officially about the next season, there are plenty of Fornite season 5 theories floating around that could well be some kind of insight on what to expect from Epic next. 

Here are the best Fortnite season 5 theories so far:

1. The big bang theory

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