The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Special Edition is out now, and by god, it’s a thing of beauty. A massive, sprawling world that puts you – the player – at the centre of everything. It’s a game I played for 200+ hours back in 2011, and it feels good to be back. Or rather, it would do if I’d had the chance to play it. See, Bethesda – true to its word – has supplied review code at the 11th hour. Well, it only arrived in the GamesRadar+ offices today (the day of release) so, technically, it’s the 12th hour. Maybe even the 13th. Anyway, the end result is that I can’t tell you if the game’s any good yet. 

If you’re the kind of discerning buyer who reads reviews and doesn’t just pre-order based on hype (well done, you) then stick around because I’ll be dropping fresh impressions into this article every couple of days. We’ll then be beaming those words directly into your eyes, via the medium of the GR homepage, Facebook, Twitter, written letter, engraved tablet, dream-invasion, and even carrier pigeon. After I’ve played enough of this game to score it, I’ll write a final review and drop a star-rating on it. Of course, you may think you already know Skyrim, or you just want to go in blind? Well, that’s cool too – I’d heartily recommend keeping an open mind in this game. We’ll have loads of other Skyrim features going up over the next couple of weeks, so you can feast on them like a hungry Nord at a pig’n’swig banquet.

So, please bookmark this page, and keep checking back for my thoughts on the game, and the adventures I have within it.

And, if you’re playing Skyrim already and get stuck, here are some excellent guides we already have.

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