Here’s the thing about the internet: One minute it’s a rising tide of overwhelming information that no sane person could ever fully consume. The next: Puppies! The internet is also somewhere that information can get lost in the never-ending churn, which is why, every week, it’s good to consider some of the things you might have missed over the past seven days. We’ve placed some of those important things below. You’re welcome.

Isn’t the Real Scandal on ABC Every Week?

What Happened: What to do when there are reports that you might maybe have committed treason? Look! Over there!
Where It Blew Up: Twitter, media reports
What Really Happened: As more reports circulated that intelligence agencies believe President Trump’s campaign talked to Russian intelligence during last year’s election, many wondered how Trump himself would respond. Would he ignore the issue altogether? Deny it? Some third, unimaginable option?

Oh, of course; he’d attack the leaks but ignore their content.

Initially, people on Twitter responded sincerely, and angrily, to this sleight of hand:

But then, people realized that perhaps President Trump was onto something—and they started looking for the real scandal:

Perhaps unsurprisingly, that wasn’t even the first Star Wars reference:

Never underestimate the internet’s ability to make something about Star Wars. Lest we forget, this wasn’t actually about Star Wars. There was something to see here. (Dammit. Sorry.)

that this whole thing is about the idea that we were actually talking about the possibility that the Trump campaign was actively colluding with a foreign power out to destabilize U.S. democracy, someone thought to remind us that distraction techniques don’t really work on anyone outside of an easily distracted social media:

The Takeaway: Of course, the real scandal is…

(Context for the above tweet can be found here.)

Raging Against the Fine-Tuned Machine

What Happened: President Trump gave a press conference on Thursday. Some of his answers were… noteworthy.
Where It Blew Up: Twitter, media reports
What Really Happened: After the media noticed that President Trump was avoiding questions from anyone other than right-wing outlets during public appearances, the leader of the free world conducted an impromptu press conference that lasted a stunning hour and 17 minutes on Thursday. How did it go?

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