The more things change, the more they stay the same. Sure, the games of 2017 are virtually unrecognisable from the earliest slices of software we marvelled at in the early 80s, yet there’s a common set of values that have always run through them. A ‘good’ game is one that brings us pleasure when we play; be that through the actual gameplay itself, a smart narrative, a wonderful world to inhabit, or simply eliciting a fuzzy feeling in the player. Judging by its mad-as-**** reveal trailer, and the smattering of in-game footage I’ve seen, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus looks like a ‘good game’. No, it looks like a brilliant game, and one of the most exciting reveals of E3 2017.

Thing is, Wolfenstein doesn’t appear to be doing anything especially creative or innovative. It isn’t trying to sell the player on some fancy new technology, asking them to perform feats never before seen in other shooters, nor is its world – of Nazi-occupied America – a particularly fresh concept. Yet it oozes intrigue and insane, positive vibes from every scene of the equally mad 8 minute reveal footage. Check it out below. Go on, watch all of it – especially the ‘post credits’.

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