Poor old No Man’s Sky. It isn’t a bad game, really, but nor is it the fun-loving, free-wheeling space-exploration game that many had hoped for. We can sit here and debate the relative merits of ‘artistic ownership’ versus ‘consumer expectation’ all day, but the fact remains that a lot of people aren’t happy with NMS. I’m certainly one of them. However, having bought and loved PlayStation VR it occurs to me that No Man’s Sky has the potential to be a truly magnificent game if it can somehow make the leap to virtual reality.

Is this technically possible? I suspect only the guys at Hello Games know the answer, as they’re the magicians who enabled billions of planet variants to magically emerge from the game’s code. Would it make the game more commercially successful? Absolutely – early PSVR adopters are hungry for games, new or old. Would it fundamentally change the way No Man’s Sky is played and perceived? Yes. Yes it would.

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