Windows 10 ARM devices won’t arrive until the end of this year, according to Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf, who was speaking in a company investor call.

“Our Snapdragon 835 is expanding into Mobile PC designs running Windows 10, which are scheduled to launch in the fourth calendar quarter this year,” he said, according to Seeking Alpha’s transcript.  

The mobile chipmaker announced in December that it was working with Microsoft to run Windows 10 on its Snapdragon processors, which are based on ARM designs.

Microsoft has tried this before, with Windows RT, a cut-down version of Windows 8 that didn’t feature a full desktop, instead using the tile interface for all interactions. Windows RT was only used on a few devices, including the Surface RT, none of which were particularly successful in terms of sales, despite some positive reviews.

This second attempt won’t be so limited, with Qualcomm suggesting it would be able to run traditional desktop software, such as Photoshop, and Microsoft’s vice president of Windows and Devices, Terry Myerson, telling The Verge last year that it will be Windows 10 as we know it now, with full support for existing applications, enterprise tools, and peripherals. Developers won’t have to do anything to make their apps work, either.

Neither Microsoft nor Qualcomm have said which PC makers will be manufacturing the devices.

Compared to its predecessor, the 821, the Snapdragon 835 shrinks from a 14nm process to 10nm, which should lead to energy efficiency and less heat, and promises a power boost thanks to its eight-core design. New QuickCharge technology means smartphones and other devices running the chipset should be able to recharge to 50% in 15 minutes.

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