The Nintendo Switch launches tomorrow (or today if you’re across the international date line), and we’re finding out a lot of new information Nintendo didn’t give us. Now that members of the press have received their day-one update to the Nintendo Switch, we’ve learned that, as of this moment, there’s currently no way to transfer your game saves from one Switch to another.

This means no transferring saves between different Switches in your house. However, more importantly, this also implies that there’s no way to backup your game saves either. So, if your Switch breaks or someone accidently wipes the entire console, you’re sore out of luck. Say goodbye to all your progress in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

That said, cloud saves or another method of transferring and backing up save data may be one of the many features Nintendo will be bringing to the Nintendo Switch at a later date. Unfortunately, that later date isn’t tomorrow.

[via IGN]

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