Flash Gordon is one of the classic staples of pulp storytelling. From his black and white, serialised adventures on the silver screen, to the trashy 80s revival, Flash and the world of Mongo has some strange, undying appeal. And what’s not to like about rockets and rayguns?

And now you’ll soon be able to recreate those adventures thanks to a new RPG that’s being funded via Kickstarter!

The best thing about this campaign is that not only is it already funded – nearly $100,000 pledged so far compared to a $19,744 goal – but it’s already written! The Flash Gordon RPG was announced in 2015, and the Kickstarter is just to help market the new game. It uses the popular and simple Savage Worlds system, which itself was designed to retell pulp adventure stories.

And the best bit? It’s got a foreword from Sam Jones himself! AH-AHHHHHHHHH!

Okay, the other best bit is the massive of other stuff if you make a higher pledge. $20 BUCKS gets you the core book PDF in January next year, but there’s The Kingdoms of Mongo, a GM Screen ,and an adventure. There are also miniatures, card decks, and a range of other add ons. It’s a pretty cool collection of stuff that I am only barely resisting.

Check it out.

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