Breath of the Wild has so much depth to it that people are constantly finding new ways to explore every nook and cranny of the game. Case in point, here’s a quick tip that you probably don’t know. The guardian corpses that litter Hyrule in the game can be looted for their ancient parts.

“But I already knew that!” I hear you wailing exasperated at the screen. But I bet you didn’t loot them all fully. The guardian corpses can be manipulated using a large weapon and a magnet. You won’t be able to do it with something like a short sword, but any big metal hammer, spear, or axe will work just fine.

How to fully loot a dead Guardian

1. Switch to your Magnesis power and drop your chosen weapon on the ground.
2. Use your magnet ability to move the weapon underneath the guardian to flip it.
3. Loot the ancient parts you couldn’t get to before.
4. Profit.

This will net you several extra parts if you go explore the vast field where there are tons of guardians littered around. If you’ve already explored that area, well I’ve just given you a good reason to go back and explore it again. The little tricks in this game just keep coming!

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