It’s a bit of a rumour, but it certainly makes sense.

It’s that time of year when people start turning their minds to their favourite music of 2017. But where once that was a matter of thinking back over what you listened to most, your streaming service can now easily (and possibly embarrassingly) tell you. Thing is, I’ve not seen anyone listing Play Music or Apple Music (and certainly not Tidal) track listings. Everyone’s been sharing their Spotify lists.

It’s just that ubiquitous. 

But it looks like YouTube is aiming to take on the music giant, if reports from Bloomberg are anything to go by. Apparently “people familiar with the matter” are of the opinion that a service called Remix is going to launch on YouTube in March of next year.

The service already has the support of Warner Music Group, according to these ‘people’, and Youtube’s taking to Sony and Universal, as well as the Merlin consortium.

YouTube is also talking directly with artists to help promote the upcoming service.

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